London is london, as you know, it defines itself.
We were overwhelmed by the visual strenght of the city.
The historical buildings are magnificent, and allways present no matter where you turn to.
People are allways moving aroung, busy with their lives, and absorbed in their own thoughts. Stylished, sharp, tall, thin and mostly young. 
On the subway you can overhear all kinds of languages, even portuguese! There are so many tourists and foreign people...it's very, very multicultural. 
The weather is rainy,of course, but charmingly misterious. The smudgy white light and the raindrops on the supergreen-hyde park-lawns just blew our minds away.
The streets are long, painted with red and grey. You feel respect everywhere. Every step you take. 
It's massive. 

So this post won't have much more writing going on, although there's a LOT more to say.

You can see for yourself what we mean. 


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this post is dedicated to C. 

(You know I love you)



source: Stockholm StreetStyle

models after the Lanvin fashion show
they are beautiful, any time of the day :)